Servizio Volontario Europeo: parti per la tua grande avventura!

Vuoi fare un’esperienza all’estero di valore, che possa fare la differenza per il tuo futuro magari anche a livello professionale? La risposta è lo SVE (o EVS), il Servizio...

Vuoi fare un’esperienza all’estero di valore, che possa fare la differenza per il tuo futuro magari anche a livello professionale? La risposta è lo SVE (o EVS), il Servizio Volontario Europeo, un periodo di  volontariato internazionale rivolto ai ragazzi dai 17 ai 30 anni: il periodo di permanenza massimo all’estero è di 12 mesi e la condizione per prendere parte al programma è quella di prestare servizio, durante questo periodo, presso una organizzazione no-profit.

Perché può fare la differenza per il tuo futuro professionale? Perché sempre più agenzie di recruitment e datori di lavoro guardano alle esperienze all’estero dei candidati e aver preso parte allo SVE è un ottimo biglietto da visita.

E poi, a parte tutte le considerazioni sul futuro e sulla carriera, il valore aggiunto di questa esperienza è principalmente uno: fai un’esperienza… mentre aiuti gli altri! Ecco cosa ci hanno raccontato gli amici di EVS Footprints.

During your university life, you have most probably heard of the term Erasmus. Erasmus is a program, allowing you to study abroad for a semester or a full academic year. But have you ever heard of the term Erasmus + or EVS? Well, let’s say that the Erasmus + umbrella program has a lot more to offer than just academic life, giving you the chance to experience mobilities throughout Europe and not only, for short or long periods, gain non formal education supplies and embrace interculturality, while actively contributing to the society within its European Voluntary Service frame!

Cos’è l’EVS?

EVS is a european project supported by the European Commission, giving young people aged between 17 to 30 from EU and partner countries, the ability to offer a social service on voluntary basis, in a Non Governmental Organization or a public body based abroad. It is a life changing experience, as it allows volunteers to get an insight of another country’s culture, get in touch with its locals and adapt to its lifestyle, while carrying for its social needs. The program fully covers the volunteer’s stay, by providing accommodation, food allowance, pocket money, health insurance and language courses. EVS can last from 2 weeks up to 12 months, according to the project and its subject.

Quali sono le attività previste?

There is a variety of EVS projects from which you can choose, such as  training, culture, sport, social assistance, art, media and communication, environmental protection and education, rural development and development cooperation, support for minorities, avocation with refugees and children. Every organization gives importance to different topics according to the materializing project, which means that the main activities usually include participation to social-cultural events.

Cosa fare se vuoi candidarti?

If you are a freshmen at the EVS field and you are interested in applying for a project, don’t forget to follow the next steps.

  • First of all, every volunteer should be coming from an Erasmus + program country, in order to be able for the first apply.
  • It is important for every upcoming volunteer to find itself a sending organization using the EVS Database or by calling for participants at a local NGO. In the first place, a browse at the Database of volunteering opportunities will definetely help for finding a placement. A contact with the organizations listed in the Database of European Voluntary Service accredited organisations couls also be a good way to start.
  • In a second phase the volunteer shall join the European Solidarity Corps platform.
  • Moving on the practical part, the sending applications, the ones for the EVS vacancies include a motivation letter through which the volunteers have the opportunity to explain their reasons of participating,to present their personal strengths and skills and send their CV via e-mail to the receiving organization.
  • After that,  every person is usually invited to make an interview with the receiving organization, for the final decision to be taken.

If we assume that is time for someone to travel because he or she has been chosen to participate at a specific EVS programme, by the time of the arrival at the selected country, a pertinent member of the receiving organization or an active volunteer is about to welcome him or her. A meeting with the coordinator and the mentor is what follows for the first acquaintance and the necessary details to be discussed. At this part is important for everyone to know that in this very first meeting the volunteer is about to sign the volunteering agreement, in which are listed all the obligations and the rights of both the organization and the volunteer, concerning the project. The selected mentor is there to help the new  member of the organization with the adaptation.

During the project, every volunteer has the obligation and the chance to be part of one or more training courses -depending on the duration of the program- in order to be educated and trained. Except the experience in many different areas, in the end of the project, the volunteer will receive a certificate for the services that has provided and the skills that has gained. This certificate, called Youth Pass, can be added at the CV as a job and an intercultural experience, giving the appropriate specifications for someone’s future at the occupation field.

Summarizing, it would be useful to give some tips for every upcoming erasmus volunteer and his or her easier adaptation to this new adventure. The learning of the language of the receiving country, for every person who doesn’t already know it, is a good start and the interaction with the locals can always help at this. It is important and extremely beneficial for every new volunteer to discover the city or town that is hosted during the program and get to know the traditions and the lifestyle of it. 

In conclusion, volunteering and especially in a European basis as it is the EVS, is definetely a life changing experience thet broadens the horizons of the participants. So if you want to be part of it, don’t waste time and apply now for the EVS program that fits you the most!

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